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Create instant privacy in any location.

Creating an instant partition wall is a breeze with our Quick-Walls. Available in one configuration, this sliding and affordable room divider includes many of the Versare top-of-line features, such as sound-dampening acoustical fibreglass panels and lightweight aluminum frame construction.

For additional information and pricing on the Versare Quick-Wall (Sliding) Portable Partition CLICK HERE

The Quick-Wall (Sliding) is a telescoping partition that expands up to 2.1m long. This portable partition uses our patented sliding mechanism, allowing each panel to glide open or closed in a telescoping fashion, maintaining a straight arrangement regardless of the length.

Creating an instant partition wall is a breeze with a Quick-Wall. These reasonably priced room dividers include all of our top-of-the-line features, such as sound-dampening acoustical panels and a lightweight aluminum frame construction. Each aluminum panel frame is joined through a unique cast aluminum corner joint providing superior strength and durability. The UHMW slides with aluminum covers allow for years of smooth operation.

The panels are also fully-tackable, making these popular portable art walls for schools or portable signage displays for designated areas. We alternately offer durable polycarbonate plastic panels, which are both spray-cleanable and super stylish.

Use the Quick-Wall as a portable privacy screen for applications such as nursing stations, vaccination areas, impromptu meeting or testing areas, and more. Perfect for instant use as a sliding room divider in apartments, homes, schools, and offices, the Quick-Wall partition is the ultimate affordable privacy partition.

Our Polycarbonate options also provide varying levels of translucency, allowing you to enjoy the privacy of a room divider while maintaining some visibility beyond the partition.

Ships fully assembled. For a folding accordion-style version of this room divider, check out our Quick-Wall (Folding) Portable Partition.

For additional information and pricing on the Versare Quick-Wall (Sliding) Portable Partition CLICK HERE



Our acoustical partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.



The seams between each panel are constructed of radiused extruded aluminum to prevent a pinch point.


The Quick-Wall with wheels, features a steel caster base for added stability.


Our premium room dividers feature frames constructed of extruded aluminum joined withcast aluminum corner joints for a lighter weight, strength, and maximum durability.


A straight line everytime! Our special telescoping hinges keep our sliding partition panels in astraight line regardless of length.

The StraightWall and Room Divider features 3" dual wheel locking casters on the full panel end members.


The stability of our premium dividers allows for hanging objects such as artwork, photos, flat screen monitors, or dry erase boards over the top of the partition.

Our acoustical fabric panel option is tackable, allowing signage, art, or notes to be posted with pushpins.


Versare fully warrants its products to be free from defect in materials and workmanship. 1 year warranty provided on the Quick-Wall Portable Partitions.