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Let our experts find an outdoor solution just for you!

The possibilities are endless, so talk to us today about you're outdoor branding requirements. Exhibit Group can recommend and deliver an outdoor solution to meet your needs.

  • We work with a large range of materials
  • High quality finishing guaranteed
  • Customised packaging to meet your requirements
  • Exhibit Group can provide storage and logistics


Capture your customer’s attention with our high quality, durable, and weather-resistant custom vinyl banners which are ideal for both outdoor and indoor events.  We use the latest in vinyl banner printing and digital print technology to create beautiful, vibrant and professional-looking vinyl banners customised to the size you require.

  • Full colour digital large format print
  • Inks used are water proof, fade-resistant and eco-friendly
  • Banners are professionally hemmed with eyelets and rope and/or velcro
  • Single sided or double sided options available
  • Various finishing options available


PVC Options

  • 450gsm White Back PVC
  • 450gsm Backlit PVC
  • 500gsm Grey Back PVC
  • 500gsm Coated PVC ideal long term Use
  • 580gsm Block Out PVC
  • 900gsm Truck Curtain PVC


Finishing Options

  • Hemmed edges with eyelets at the top and bottom
  • Hemmed edges with rope sewn into the top and bottom hems
  • Hemmed edges with eyelets and rope sewn into the top and bottom hems
  • Hemmed edges with velcro strips along back edges
  • Hemmed edges with sleeves sewn into top and bottom of the banner for a supporting pole



Transform an unattractive fence or barrier into a branding opportunity with a lightweight and durable fence wrap.  Ideal for promotional use, outdoor events, security, sporting events and land developments or construction sites.

The Grafico Fence Wrap is a multi-purpose single sided print outdoor banner. The open weave fabric is designed for optimum air permeability to relieve pressure on stress points.

  • High quality vibrant digital print
  • No minimum length required
  • Around 85% strike-through from direct to fabric print process
  • Perforated weave allows some wind to pass through, however enough textile to capture digital image with definition
  • Easy to install with stainless steel eyelets every 700mm
  • Exceptional finishing and sewing quality



Grafico Fence Mesh is a digitally printed shade-type cloth that has a loose weave and is therefore more wind resistant but with a good graphic visual finish.

Ideal for large areas such as outdoor events, security, sporting events and land developments/construction sites.

  • Strong brand exposure
  • Cost effective
  • Nets will not ladder or unravel even when punctured
  • Lightweight for easy handling and positioning
  • Prints to edge
  • High wind resistance
  • Strong, durable lockstitch technology that resists tearing, fraying, stretching or sagging!
  • Easy to install with hemmed edges and stainless steel eyelets

Add another dimension to your outdoor events and promotions with a printed umbrella.  With the large print surface, your umbrella can be fully customised to suit your corporate identity and image.

Talk to us today about your requirements.

Grafico Beach Umbrella

Grafico Market Umbrella