• Customised for your requirements
    1 / 11
  • Diverse range of materials available
    2 / 11
  • Maximise your floor space
    3 / 11
  • Create unique environments
    4 / 11
  • Make a statement
    5 / 11
  • Be bold
    6 / 11
  • Combining function and design
    7 / 11
  • Create your own look
    8 / 11
  • Tailored for your product
    9 / 11
  • Incorpoate hanging signage
    10 / 11
  • Create a presence
    11 / 11

Exhibit Group can design, create and build a unique display that will exceed your expectations and stand out at any event.

A Custom Display gives you a unique presence and can be designed to be flexible. When you choose versatile components you will be able to repurpose your stand with multiple layouts to suit both small and large events.

  • No size limit, build on your investment
  • Easily integrated media and accessory components
  • Customised packaging to meet your requirements
  • Utilise our bespoke Display Management System
  • Premier Display Logistic and installation services
  • Hire and purchase options available

Through in-depth discussions with our expert team, we will create a design and build concept that not only exceeds your expectations but will ensure your display stand provides a ‘wow’ factor every time.

Not only does a Custom Display give you a unique or individual display, it affords you total flexibility and versatility as components can be repurposed or reconfigured to achieve endless stand layouts.

By using the latest CAD design and rendering software we are able to produce unique and eye-catching exhibition and display stands illustrated in detail from every perspective. With all components included you will quickly be able to see how your event site will be utilised.

Display rental is increasing in popularity as companies realise they can have a custom-tailored design along with significant cost savings.

Why compromise when you can have a design specified to your needs that eliminates all of the show costs including monthly storage fees, repairs, or replacements for lost elements? When you want a convenient and cost-effective display solution, look no further than Exhibit Group.