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Your number one choice for quality flags!

Stand tall with our high quality Grafico Blade Flags. With its large rectangular print area you have the option of a horizontal and/or vertical print to suit your brand or message.

We choose to provide the best quality hardware available and team this up with premium fabrics, high quality dye-sublimination printing and expert sewing /finishing.

  • Durable, portable and lightweight
  • Superior fibreglass poles
  • High impact graphics
  • Three height options available
  • Suitable for light to moderate winds
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Single or double sided print
  • Interchangeable high quality fabric banners
  • Various base options available
  • Convenient all in one carry bag

Product Information

Grafico Blade Flags are a versatile and stylish fabric banner that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Through its innovative design, this flag will cut through wind and rain while remaining strong and intact.

  • Three size options available - 2.5m, 3.9m & 5.2m (overall display size).
  • Single & double sided options available for 2.5m & 3.9m flags, single sided only for 5.2m flags.
  • Hardware comes complete with pole set and ground spike.
  • High quality pole construction manufactured from fibreglass.
  • Recommended for wind conditions up to 50kph for single sided banners or 30kph for double-sided banners.
  • High quality dye-sublimation fabric graphics made in New Zealand and will ensure you stand out from the crowd. 
  • Free colour test proof included to ensure colour accuracy.
  • Fabric print can be easily interchanged and cleaned.
  • Our quality promise - send it back to us to replace your graphics, rather than throw away!
  • Fast and easy to set-up – get your message up in 30 seconds.
  • Comes in a convenient carry bag for easy transport.



Suitable for…

  • Sponsorships, roadshows, sports and community events
  • Outdoor marketing
  • Activations and marketing campaigns
  • Sales station
  • Product information
  • Conferences, conventions, summits
  • Expos, trade shows and fairs
  • In-house hosting or training workshops
  • Product displays and launches
  • Retail, showrooms
  • Sales presentations, AGMs, awards and graduation ceremonies
  • Supermarket, mall, shopping centre or instore demonstrations/promotions


  • 700mm (w) x 2.5m (h) (2.2m Flag), 2 piece pole set
  • 700mm (w) x 3.9m (h)  (3.3m Flag), 3 piece pole set
  • 900mm (w) x 5.2m (h) (4.0m Flag), 4 piece pole set  (available single sided only)



Life of a flag

There are huge amounts of variables which affect and therefore determine how long a flag may last.  The expected life will also differ across styles of flags. If all due care is taken a flag can be expected to last between 6 and 9 months. However, flags have been known to last up 2 years when looked after correctly. A street flag, by their nature and design, will have less of a life span than any other flag product as they are exposed to environmental conditions 24 hours per day, and have only one corner of release. To extend longevity of street flags ask about the curved edge options, for the exposed corner. You should realistically expect to replace your flags at least annually.

Ultra Violet:  Water based dyes are used in the printing process and this means that Ultra Violet (UV) rays affect the flags quicker than many other print processes. Some colours will also deteriorate quicker than others.

Wind:  Prevailing conditions will largely determine the longevity or the life of a flag. A flag that is flown in extreme conditions will not last as long as a flag flown in more temperate climates.  Expect accelerated deterioration of flag where close to coastal conditions.

UV rays and high winds cause the breakdown of fibres in flags, particularly the extremities and sewn edges.

Fly Freely!  To increase the life of your flag, ensure that it flies freely. It should not be impeded by surrounding structures. It is important that it is properly attached to the pole so that it does not wrap itself around it repeatedly. If you wish to maximise its life, bring it in each evening and in bad weather. Note, flags are not designed to be secured by all four corners.

The life of a flag also depends upon its flying time. A flag that is flown constantly (24 hours per day, 7 days a week) cannot be expected to last as long as a flag flown during the day and then brought in at the end of the day or in extreme weather conditions. It must be recognised that the flying time of a constantly flying flag is more than doubled, thus its life is considerably reduced.

To maximise flag life

  • Allow 360° unimpeded rotation
  • Do not fly in extreme weather conditions
  • Flying time will influence flag life – bring flag in when not in use
  • UV exposure will result in quicker fading for double sided flags
  • Ensure general care is taken when moving and storing flag & hardware

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Cold wash with mild detergent
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not soak
  • Do not leave rolled up
  • Hang up immediately
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Cool / warm iron if necessary

For logos and branding - we can can help you with your graphic design or supply specifications for your own designer.


  • High grade polyknit fabric
  • Best strength fabric available for flags
  • Ideal for street and corporate flags
  • Almost 100% strike-through to the reverse side
  • Exceptional finishing and sewing quality
  • High accuracy for colour matching
  • Easy to clean

Double-sided (for 2.2m & 3.9m sizes only):

  • Premium 'satin like' fabric finish
  • 100% block out fabric
  • Superb fabric for printing detailed images and vibrant colours
  • Ideal for when text / logos is required to be read from both sides
  • Exceptional finishing and sewing quality
  • High accuracy for colour matching
  • Easy to clean


Grafico Flag Spike
Hardware comes complete with pole set and ground spike.

Grafico Base Plate
Ideal use for indoor and outdoor hard surfaces. Optional carry bag for base plate also available.



Grafico Cross Feet (foldaway)
For indoor use and 2.5m flag only.


Grafico Wall Mount - Vertical
Suitable for 2.5m flag only.

Grafico Wall Mount - 60°
Suitable for 2.5m flag only.

Grafico Towball Mount

Grafico U-Stand

Grafico Water Base - Large
Suitable for 2.2m single and double sided flags and 3.2m single sided flags only (17kgs when full)

Grafico Water Base - Small
Suitable for 2.2m flag only (10kg when full)