• Nomadic Instand Accessories
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  • Stand-off headers for focal points
    2 / 12
  • Internal shelving with lighting
    3 / 12
  • External shelving
    4 / 12
  • LCD mount for up to 20" screen
    5 / 12
  • Internal stand for up to 60" TV
    6 / 12
  • Feature shelving
    7 / 12
  • Transport cases convert to plinths
    8 / 12
  • Connectable height extensions
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  • Kiosk attachment
    10 / 12
  • Designer shelving
    11 / 12
  • Curtain track and drape
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Future proof your display equipment with Nomadic.

Nomadic Instand is a versatile display system designed to grow right along with you to deliver a life-long return on your investment.

With an ever growing range of functional and stand-out accessories there is always something to meet your needs.

  • Enhance your existing display
  • Large range available
  • Functional yet stylish
  • Create your own unique look
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for frequent or long term use
  • Premium high quality digital printing
  • Free annual service and clean
  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • Hire and purchase options available

Product Information

Nomadic Instand is the hardest working, highest impact investment you’ll ever make. That’s because Nomadic Instand adapts to grow right along with you to deliver a life-long return on your investment.

Nomadic Instand’s ability to evolve has set it head and shoulders above all other pop-ups. Don't just buy a simple pop-up, invest in a display system.

This is a smart, future-proofed, high-quality display system with an extensive range of accessories available so that it can be added to or adapted to meet your changing marketing needs.

Nomadic Instand accessories include:

  • Halogen and/or LED lights to brighten and enhance your display.
  • Stand-off graphic headers (range of sizes and shapes available).
  • External shelving solutions to feature product or brochures.
  • Internal lit shelving unit for a premium looking product/brochure display.
  • Attachable overhead bridges to add an extra dimension.
  • LCD mount for up to 20" screen.
  • Internal monitor stand for up to 60" screen.
  • Curtain track and printed drape ideal for staff area, storage or changing room.
  • Connectable height extensions for extra branding opportunities.
  • Smart shipping cases that convert to counters/plinths.
  • Integrated workstation/kiosk ideal for interactive displays.
  • Connectable to other Nomadic Instand frames (to create endless shapes and sizes).
  • Change your end-cap shape for a different effect.

It doesn't stop here. Nomadic is continually researching and developing new innovative accessories to ensure your Nomadic Instand display always looks modern and fresh. Talk to us today about your needs.