• Nomadic Custom Modular
    1 / 12
  • Premium and exclusive
    2 / 12
  • Showcase your products
    3 / 12
  • Make a statement
    4 / 12
  • Enhance your brand
    5 / 12
  • Create unique environments
    6 / 12
  • Functional designs
    7 / 12
  • Create a presence
    8 / 12
  • Think outside the box
    9 / 12
  • Lead the way
    10 / 12
  • Choose to be bold
    11 / 12
  • Unique and individual
    12 / 12

Unleash your imagination!

A smart look is driven by smart design. We develop creative display solutions designed to build your brand, drive interaction with your target audience and support your overall business strategies.

Let our team of talented designers transform your face-to-face marketing programmes and extend the value of your investment in trade shows, corporate events and meetings.

  • Engaging and interactive
  • Distinctive and practical
  • No size limit, build on your investment
  • Easily integrated AV elements
  • “No Questions Asked" lifetime warranty
  • 24 hour hotline support

Perhaps best known for inventing pop-up technology over thirty years ago, Nomadic is the leader worldwide in top-of-the-line custom modular displays for trade shows, events and mobile marketing presentations.

Exhibit Group knows the most elegant and enticing way to get people in front of you is with a Nomadic custom modular exhibit behind you. Every savvy exhibitor knows that presenting a fresh image that brings your brand to life is essential to face-to-face marketing success.

Exhibit Group with Nomadic has a proven track record of creating attention-getting, results-driven exhibition stands.

We help businesses like yours produce dynamic selling environments that maximise your face-to-face marketing initiatives.

Let us create an environment custom-tailored to stimulate sales for you.