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Our most popular partition!

Looking for a do-it-all divider to cover a variety of situations? The Room Divider 360® offers unparalleled arrangement versatility thanks to an exclusive design - the Versare patented 360° rotating hinges provide a full range of movement per panel. This allows you to create a variety of setup options such as C-shapes, L-shapes, or straight lines. Link multiple units together with the attached velcro connectors and you'll only be limited by your imagination!

It's no wonder the Room Divider 360® is the most popular choice for dividing space.

For additional information and pricing on the Versare Room Divider 360® Portable Partition CLICK HERE

Our most popular partition, the Room Divider 360® features patented 360° rotating hinges. This portable divider is easy to use, provides arrangement versatility, and is more durable most room dividers on the market.

Our 360° hinge permits arrangement options not found on competitor's room dividers, which often use inflexible piano hinges that require plastic locks to maintain a straight line. The Room Divider 360° hinge allows each panel to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility. Create a variety of shapes, from "L" edges to circular "C" shapes, or even perfectly straight lines. Versare's Room Divider 360® is quickly becoming the industry standard for creating impromptu office workstations or classroom areas due to its infinite arrangement possibilities.

The lightweight aluminum frame and low-profile casters provide enhanced sturdiness and durability compared to heavy steel dividers. Each end of the Room Divider 360® uses full-sized panels which stay at a fixed 90° for added stability. Unlike awkward railings featured on other brands' room dividers, these end stabilisers eliminate tripping hazards and increase both the sturdiness and attractiveness of the partition. Low-profile casters increase more stability than wobbly, spring-based casters found on rival dividers.

The noise-dampening acoustical fabric allows pushpin signage and artwork display.

Our products ship flat pack and are all DIY friendly. All items are packed with assembly instructions for easy installation. If you need assistance with assembly please contact our preferred supplier Kitset Assembly Services, they offer a nationwide service.

For additional information and pricing on the Versare Room Divider 360® Portable Partition CLICK HERE


Our acoustical partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.



The seams between each panel of The Room Divider 360 are constructed of radiused extruded aluminum to prevent a pinch point when rotating panels.


Our premium Room Divider 360 and StraightWall partitions feature full-sized end units, providing enhanced stability in all configurations.


Our premium room dividers feature frames constructed of extruded aluminum joined withcast aluminum corner joints for a lighter weight, strength, and maximum durability.


Our folding dividers feature a patented 360-degree cast aluminum hinge allowing full rotation of each panel.


The StraightWall and Room Divider features 3" dual wheel locking casters on the full panel end members.


The stability of our premium dividers allows for hanging objects such as artwork, photos, flat screen monitors, or dry erase boards over the top of the partition.


Our acoustical fabric panel option is tackable, allowing signage, art, or notes to be posted with pushpins.


Versare fully warrants its products to be free from defect in materials and workmanship. 1 year warranty provided on the Room Divider 360 Portable Partition.