Service, Repairs & Graphic Changeouts

The Exhibit Group brand, along with the display products and services we provide, have become synonymous with value and quality. We know that when you buy right, you only need to buy once.

Our displays are built to last a lifetime, and Exhibit Group clients receive some of the best warranties and guarantees in the industry as well as the free annual service we provide when you invest in an Exhibit Group display.

Exhibit Group's Premium ImageCare Service

Our ImageCare Service will ensure your equipment remains in prime condition throughout its lifetime. Your products will receive an annual service; to fix any damage under warranty (free of charge), or to remedy accidental damage (e.g. goods damaged in transit).  Please note that our free service does not cover any courier or transport costs associated with getting your products to and from Exhibit Group.

Servicing and repairs of non-Exhibit Group displays

Exhibit Group often receives enquiries from customers who have purchased displays from elsewhere in the market, that have broken down or are otherwise not performing. To assist these customers, we’ve expanded our ImageCare Service to repair equipment purchased from other suppliers. Most of the cheaper brands are not built to last a lifetime, however you’ll easily see the quality difference when you compare our displays against the rest.

Re-skinning displays or changing out graphic panels

Our high quality hardware allows you to update and refresh your graphic panels as many times as you like. Simply send in your hardware (which we will also provide a free service and repair on), a quote will be sent through by your Exhibit Group Account Manager for your approval and once your new artwork has been completed and uploaded we will produce and changeout the panel in time for your next event.


Contact us today to arrange your service/repair or graphic changeout.