Experts in translating your ideas into reality, our Display Consultants will work with you to create displays with impact, while our Customer Engagement Team will focus on using their talents to manage the event experience we provide you.

Based nationwide, our Display Consultants are industry experts qualified to guide you through the event planning process. By identifying what you want to achieve they can take your ideas and turn them into strong display concepts without breaking the budget.

Our Display Consultants have been involved in helping our customers achieve award-winning displays at major events by being aware that not every approach should be the same, and identifying where we can help you make that difference so your stand has the opportunity to be a show stopper.
Our in-house designers are well versed in the latest trends and experts at graphic and spatial design, giving you the advantage of creating bespoke marketing collateral to highlight your brand and utilising the space you have to maximum effect. 
The print team is made up of the best industry people with the latest technology that focuses solely on delivering the finest products for you on our highly maintained machinery. This team is constantly carrying out industry research and development and is disciplined in applying your brand principles to your chosen design.
If you are looking to decrease your stress levels, save on logistical costs and ensure that everything arrives at your event on the right day and time as expected, then you need to work with our Customer Engagement team. 
This team works within the event industry daily and are experts at knowing exactly where the curve balls are before they even appear. They will work with you to get your event to market and ‘wow’ you by anticipating your needs, giving your team the best support from day one. 
Our DMS Support Team is available to you to answer any questions you have about your bookings, logistics or additional options. We are always happy to offer training to your team either remotely or 1:1 in our Auckland showroom.
From the design of your stand through to its production and installation we have you covered. Our logistics team manage the production of custom build projects, provide installation services and manage the Hire, Display Management System products, and the ImageCare service.