The Exhibit Group brand, along with the display products and services we provide, have become synonymous with value and quality. At Exhibit Group, we know that when you buy right, you only need to buy once, and when it comes to display equipment or portable room dividers, no one regrets buying quality. 

We are proud to partner with and exclusively represent in New Zealand three of the world’s leading brands, Versare from USA, Nomadic from Ireland, and Expand from Sweden, we are proud too, to offer our personally sourced and high-quality house brands, Grafico and Custom Displays.

Exhibit Group clients receive some of the best warranties and guarantees in the industry as well as the free annual service we provide on all of our signage displays.


Versare designs and manufactures superior quality room dividers, cubicle partitions and privacy screens. Versare take great pride in their portable space-saving products which offer greater stability, durability and arrangement flexibility than any other partition on the market.


Nomadic Displays, made the first event display stand, Instand, over 30 years ago for the tradeshow environment, is still recognised today to be THE best portable product ever made for tradeshows. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with an unbeatable collection of top-quality marketing collateral that blends legendary design with durable construction. Every one is backed by first class service – before and after the sale and we offer a free annual service with every product.

Nomadic Lifetime Warranty - Nomadic will repair or replace any aluminium structure (DesignLine® extrusions, tension fabric structures, Platinum® panel frames) should it fail due to defective materials or workmanship, for as long as you own it.


Expand is recognised worldwide as a leader in portable display equipment and manufactures every product in-house at their ISO 9001 certified production facility. Expand have a reputation for innovation, design and quality. Along with many other unique ideas, Expand invented the open frame pop-up and the retractable display which makes us proud to partner with them.


Exhibit Group are proud to offer our house brand, Grafico. We source the best products from around the globe and work with suppliers to ensure a high stand of functionality and quality standards before bringing each one to market. The star of the Grafico range is the Grafico Fabric System. Designed using a lightweight and easy connecting aluminium tubing framework with a high-quality fabric sleeve that zips over providing a large seamless area for maximum branding exposure.


Exhibit Group can design, create and build a unique display that will exceed your expectations and stand out at any event. A Custom Display gives you a unique presence and can be designed to be flexible and versatile.