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Project: Modular Portable Display Stand

The New Zealand Red Cross is part of the largest humanitarian organisation in the world and have been undertaking incredible work in New Zealand for more than 100 years. To assist with promoting the essential work their team undertake, Red Cross were looking for a new display system that provided a large visual impact which they could showcase at both internal and external events around the country.
They key requirements the Red Cross team were looking for when considering a solution for their new display stand was that it needed to be ‘portable’ and ‘modular’ so as to enable it to be used in either small or large areas, and the stand also needed the ability to be setup ‘quickly’ and ‘easily’ by their staff and volunteers.
Exhibit Group had the perfect solution – our ‘Nomadic Instand Portable Pop-Up Display Stand’. The Nomadic Instand is a cleverly designed system which is lightweight and portable and is incredible easy to setup with no tools required. In fact, it is so well engineered it is backed by Nomadic’s exclusive ‘No Questions Asked’ lifetime hardware warranty. By combining one straight and two curved Instand frames together along with the production of our high quality graphic panels, it provided the modular aspect that was required to create different sizes and configurations. With the addition of three Nomadic Rollone Case’s (which are the shipping cases for each Instand frame that convert into a stylish counter), it provided the perfect counter/podiums for their team to utilise in front of their display stand.